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July 15, 2020
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July 15, 2020

3d Metal Parts

Best 3D Metal Parts Manufacturer in China

We love to provide 3D metal parts through 3D Printing, and we constantly help our customers to get what they need, and in the way they need it. Quick prototypes, specialist components, or low volume manufacturing; whatever our clients require, with latest technologies, over dozen of materials, and wide range of finishing options, we force ourselves to produce the right metal parts for your printing solutions.

Our 3D printing service offers a wide range of metal 3D parts, technologies, and finishing options provide you with freedom of choice to pick the perfect combination for your metal parts.

As a company, we took the lead in offering commercial SEBM system in China. We developed a new generation of PREP system for the demand of 3D metal parts printing, and we also take the lead in realizing the vertical PREP system in the world. We developed more than 40 types of high-quality spherical metal powder, including Tita, TiAl, TiNi, TiNbZr, and CoCrMo. It has developed tons of 3D printed complex metal parts, provided more than 1,000 pieces of customized orthopedic implant materials to more than 20 authoritative hospitals in China.

Leading 3D Metal Parts Supplier in China

Do you need specialist requirements? No problem, we can aid you with those as well. For advanced prototypes, display and marketing models, and series production, Xi’an’ can help you in designing a solution that meets your requirements.

If you are machining, then you will have an idea of how much extra material you require to start with than will actually end up in part. When you print a 3D metal part, you merely put material where it is required, and waste is minimal. Almost all 3D material used goes into the final component (less any supports generated).

Additionally, the traditional methods’ design limitations often mean unusual material is added to avert complexity or ensure manufacturability. A suction gripper redesigned for 3D metal printing in aluminum end up weighing around 3/4th of the previous version.

Xi’an Sailong metal materials Co., Limited is among the leading 3D metal parts producer. So, if you need a quality printer, we are the best choice for you.


Model No:Custom-made
FOB Price:( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin:China
Price for Minimum Order:-
Minimum Order Quantity:5 Piece
Packaging Detail:Standard Air Packing
Delivery Time:1-2 Months
Supplying Ability:-
Payment Type:L/C, T/T
Product Group :EBM 3D Parts

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