Desktop Plasma Rotating Electrode Process System
July 15, 2020

Industrial Plasma Rotating Electrode Process System


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PREP Equipment


SAILONG Industrial PREP System(SLPA-H)

Target groups:
High-quality and large-scale industrial production of spherical powder users, users can carry out mass production of additive manufacturing, high-end powder metallurgy, laser cladding.

Main advantages:
The powder has high cleanliness (non-contact powder making in the whole process), high batch stability (stable process), continuous stable work, extremely low gas consumption, and few hollow powder and satellite powder.

Basic principle:
Consumable electrode made of metal or alloy, whose end surface is heated by plasma arc to melt into liquid, and the liquid is ejected and crushed into fine droplets by the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation of the electrode. The droplets eventually form a spherical powder under the action of surface tension in the condensation process.

Technics Characteristics:
Narrow particle size range; The powder particle surface is smooth and clean; less hollow powder and satellite powder, less gas inclusion, high powder quality, very suitable for spraying, hot isostatic pressing(HIP) and 3D printing etc.

To produce nickel base superalloy powder, titanium alloy powder, stainless steel powder and refractory metal powder.

SLPA-H Industrial Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomizing Powder(PREP) system for industrial production.

Equipment Characteristics:
The new dynamic sealing structure can provide strong support for the high-speed rotation process of large diameter electrode rod, provide high precision rod feeding, and ensure stable pressure in atomization chamber. The new type of large torque, high speed electrode rod rotating drive and power supply system, the speed is continuously adjustable which also can realize φ75mm electrode rod working at 13000-20000rmp high speed and stable power supply(maximum current 4000A); Self-developed visual intelligent control system; Batch powder has good performance consistency and stability; High production efficiency, economical and reliable.

Technical Parameters:
1. Powder types: Ti, Ni, Co and refractory alloy;
2. Working speed: 15000~20000rpm;
3. Electrode rod diameter: φ75mm;
4. Powder sphericity: ≥95%;
5. Powder size distribution: d50≦105µm(titanium alloy);
6. Oxygen increment: ≦200ppm (titanium alloy);
7. Production capacity: 100kg/8h(titanium alloy); 150kg/8h(high temperature alloy)
8. Installed power: ~ 200kW;
9. Floor space: 8m×7m×5m.

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