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July 15, 2020
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Spherical Metal Powder for EBM 3D Printing

Quality Spherical Metal Powder for EBM 3D Printing

Xi’an Sailong metal materials Co., Limited is among the leading spherical metal powder producer. We provide various products including PREP equipment, 3D products, Tl profiles, PM products, the metal filter, Tl profiles and more. Do visit our ‘products” tab to know further about our offerings.

Spherical metal powder is minutely divided base materials for production of metal-part. The particle size of metal powders varies from 5-200 µm. A few common fabrication methods that use metal powders are surface coating, powder metallurgy, soft magnetic additive manufacturing, applications, and metal injection molding. Most kinds of metals along with alloys come in metal powders, for example, chromium, cobalt, iron, aluminum, bronze, silicon, metal carbides, and more.

Metal powder is used in different manufacturing processes to produce metal parts. Metal powder’s usage eliminates waste as compared to traditional machining and is versatile in making a variety of alloy and metal components. Metal powder technology is at the forefront of a progressive era of a greener and smarter fabrication.

Spherical Metal Powder for EBM 3D Printing Supplier in China

Powder from spherical metal powder for EBM 3D printing is made from Additive Manufacturing. AM provides specific benefits concerned with alternative powder metallurgy methods. The benefits range from potential design flexibility for high material use efficacy. To exploit these potential advantages fully, we as a Spherical powder manufacturer understand the process, the characteristics of material interactions and inputs between the two, to exert control effectively.

Our AM process is typically operated through “fixed” parameters for a certain application, with machines offering small opportunity for any kind of responsive control. This means the inconsistent input material features will translate into inconsistent directly from finished Spherical Metal Powder for EBM 3D Printing properties. Poor metal powder quality can generate defects in the end part, including cracks, inclusions, pores, residual stresses and suboptimal surface roughness alongside compromising throughput.

Choice of powder production method is essential to manufacture metal powder with the desired powder quality and characteristics. We understand the correlations between processing performance, material properties. We also know the end component characteristics are essential, both to pick the best powder for the application and to assure the powder consistency – from layer-to-layer and build-to-build, as well as via recycling.

We are in China’s top 100 Additive Manufacturing Investment Value List. We are also the Council member of China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance. So, if you need a quality Spherical metal powder supplier in China, then we are the best choice.



Model No:

Carbon Steel(GCr15)
FOB Price:

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Price for Minimum Order:

Minimum Order Quantity:

5 Kilogram
Packaging Detail:

Vacuum package, air packing or tray Packaging
Delivery Time:

1 Month
Supplying Ability:

200 Ton per Year
Payment Type:

L/C, T/T
Product Group :

Spherical Metal Powder

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