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Best Titanium Alloy Implants Material Supplier in China

Xi’an Sailong metal materials Co., Limited is a leading titanium alloy implants manufacturer in China. Xi’an is a professional supplier of various metal-based products. We are engaged in direct 3D printing technology of metal parts as well. Our products include high-quality titanium alloy implants powder, spherical titanium, electron beam selective melting equipment, and near-net shaping complex rare metal parts that could provide products with technical support for aerospace, ships, aviation, vehicles, biomedical and other fields.

Titanium alloy implants are utilized as biomaterials for orthopaedic and dental applications. Titanium alloys are classified as bio-inert or biologically inert biomaterials. Also, they remain predominantly unchanged when supplanted into human bodies. Titanium alloy implant material is used as a result of its excellent corrosion resistance.

The titanium’s surface is modified often by coating it through hydroxyapatite. Plasma spray is the commercially accepted method for depositing the coatings. The hydroxyapatite offers a bioactive surface (because it participates actively in bone bonding), in a way that bone blocks of cement and mechanical fixation tools are, many a time, not required. Therefore, medical titanium alloy is an important factor.

Leading Medical Titanium Alloy Implant Material Manufacturer in China

Materials that are used for biomedical applications exist in various forms, and they must have specific characteristics to fulfil this role. Titanium as a titanium alloy implant material possesses good mechanical features such as bend strength, strength, and fatigue-resistance to be utilized in dental and orthopaedic applications. This is one part of a big reason why the medical titanium alloy has been employed in load-bearing biomedical applications instead of materials such as hydroxyapatite that displays bioactive behavior.

Titanium is strongly considered as a biocompatible element because it contains a low electrical conductivity. The conductivity that contributes to the titanium’s electrochemical oxidation leading to the making of a passive thin oxide layer.

Other specific features that make titanium as a desirable titanium alloy implant material are elastic modulus and density. Talking about density, it contains a significantly lower density compared to other metallic biomaterials. That means the titanium alloy implants are lighter than similar items made out of cobalt chrome or stainless steel alloys.

Xi’an Sailong metal materials Co., Limited takes Innovation, Learning, Dedication and Efficiency as the spirit of the company. We strive to bring ourselves as the international brand of the latest technology and high-end machines of powder metallurgy.

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